Thursday, 12 December 2013

aka 3D wiggle

After some research I ended up giving a try to the 3D wiggle effect. A friend of a friend, Jaime Martinez uses this technique extensively in his photography.
Here, I am just taking a few shots in my room to see how it all works. It's quite exciting though pretty headachy to watch for some time and edit for much longer. I don't think I would like to use this technique as part of a video/installation/augmented reality set-up exactly because of this.

I've been reading that dissorientation/dizziness is one of the reasons that Virtual Reality never really got that popular. I would like to look more into that. I would also like to play with polarised glasses/screens etc. Today I had a first go with Anaglyph 3D too, here is a result.

I don't have 3D glasses at home so I don't know if it works allright. When I loaded the two separate images on the 3D wiggle Processing sketch I found online (contact me for details) the result not quite as I hoped for but I'm sure this can be corrected by playing with the angles between the two shots. Whatsoever, I find the anaglyphic result without the glasses quite pleasing for what it is...

Monday, 9 December 2013